What are humans most like?

Omnivore- “An animal or person that eats food of
both plant and animal origin.” Humans are Omnivores, and this is a stated fact.
But are their some characteristics of humans that can be more closely related
to a carnivore or a herbivore?

Although humans are omnivores, capable of eating
meat and plants, that does not mean that we are exactly like most omnivores.
Human characteristics are more closely related to herbivores. By proving this
theory, scientists have many relations proven between humans and modern herbivores.
By examining these different eater’s stomachs, carnivores have an intestinal
that reaches three times the organism’s body length. While as inside a
herbivore, their intestinal tract reaches almost twelve times the organism’s
height. A human intestinal tract is much more relatable to one of a herbivore.

Our physical characteristics are greatly in common
with herbivores. Our mouths are small compared to our head size, unlike
carnivores where their mouths are more meant to capture, chew, bite, rip,
and dismantle their prey. Herbivores use their mouths mainly for chewing and biting
into food.

Our ability to hunt is not as extensive as a stealthy carnivore. Although it is
said that, “Man is the most dangerous game on Earth,” that just might not be
entirely true. Picture a man in the United States Marine Corps with camouflage
on, an M16 rifle in his hands, and grenades strapped to his jacket. You would
not want to mess with him. But take those necessities away from him and drop
him in the wild. We as humans do not find and kill our intelligent
prey every day. We are not quick as hawks, panthers, or a Bengal tiger.  From the day we were all born we had our necessities
around us. In this way herbivores do as well.  What is their growing from the ground or
treesaround them, they eat. That is the basics of life for them when they are born just
like us humans.

All of this information still does not come close to
concluding that Humans could secretly be herbivores. Our stomach tract is
longer than a carnivore but is not as long as a herbivore. We have the ability
to eat both vegetables and meat. Humans do have many relating characteristics
to herbivores, but we are all omnivores.

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4 thoughts on “What are humans most like?

  1. I thought your blog was extremely interesting. I thought of humans as omnivores, however you proved me wrong. I really liked how well you explained everything and how you explained how we could be considered carnivores and herbivores. Great Job!

  2. At the beginning, I feel like you struggled to form the words into a question. I don’t think that type of hook fit your opening. The way you worded the part about humans not being the most dangerous game was well put, but I kind of disagree. Humans are the most dangerous game because we are smart! Although we are not as physically quick, we have the ability to create weapons that make us such a threat.

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